It has been announced that the School proposes to change the method of testing for the September 2015 entrance exam.

Instead of the usual Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning paper that Tiffin Boys’ have set the boys in previous years – it is proposed to be a 2 stage test. The exam will follow the Sutton Consortium Schools who set the Common Selective Eligibility Test.
The Sutton Borough has run this 2 stage testing for 2 years now. It makes sense, as many children are sitting for the same Grammar schools and some may end up sitting for : boys- 6 exams or girls – 4 exams (in Sutton) in total before the introduction of the Common Selective test for the Borough. This excluded other Boroughs like Kingston, and put added pressure on the children
who may end up sitting for so many exams.

The tests proposed comprise of:
Stage one: English and Maths multiple choice questions.
Stage two: English and Maths paper (fully written answers) set by the school.

Further details will be available in December 2014, when the proposed Admissions Policy for
entry in September 2016 is published for consultation on this website.

It is likely that Tiffin Girls’ School might follow suit with a common paper for both Tiffin Boys’
and Girls’. For the children who pass the first stage: they are invited to sit the second stage of testing.

Meanwhile, parents and their children sit with bated breadth for the confirmation of the format for the testing for entry September 2016 announced in December 2014.