7 Plus

It is never too early to learn and explore ideas. School curriculum remain bound by prescriptive exam boards and academic targets, leaving less time to focus on the soft skills that parents rightly realise make up a crucial part of their child’s development. The ‘soft skills’ are often the hardest to find time for; intangible and without graded results, personal and communication skills lead a long list of vital talents that mustn’t be left behind as a child matures to teen years.

At this age – it is about instilling the young child with the idea that learning is fun and to build confidence in tackling either written work or conversing with others. Knowledge and confidence building: inspire the child to have a thirst for knowledge to learn more and find it an exciting process instead of being a chore in later years.

We also guide parents and prepare the child for the 7+ : an admissions process used by a number of top prep schools to assess students in Year 2 ahead of entry into a selective preparatory school in Year 3 (aged 7-8 years old).

Schools:  Kings Boys School, St. Paul’s Junior, Rokeby boys, Latymer Prep, St. Paul’s Junior, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ Prep School, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Girls’ Prep School, Lady Eleanor Holles and Dulwich College Junior School.