Lynnette Dunster has been tutoring for over 15 years. She is passionate about developing relationships with each individual child she works with, getting to the heart of what engages them and using this to inspire, motivate and personalise their learning experience. Mrs D (as known by her students) enjoys presenting learning in real life contexts while also ensuring steady progress is made towards the stated learning goals. She has high expectations of every child she works with and employs a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise about how children learn in her teaching approach.

Believing that every child has the potential to achieve – she builds their confidence so that they feel empowered to tackle any question that they may encounter.

A University graduate with a degree in Bachelor Science, Bachelor of Architecture and is TESOL trained. She has had experience in tutoring both children and adults and she has DBS clearance.


A one to one assessment is initially made to understand the child’s literacy and maths standard and their strengths and weaknesses before commencing lessons. It is also a ‘get to know you’ session so that when the student joins the small group, they feel prepared and are familiar with the study setting.

Lynnette believes that every lesson should be enjoyable and to assist in also making it memorable. She aims to put students at ease and build on their natural ability. During the tuition, she engages with each student and builds the rapport and trust needed to improve their motivation. It is important for the student to gain confidence not only in their own ability but as an individual.

She tailors each lesson to suit for the individual student’s needs and works enthusiastically with each student to enable him/her to achieve their full potential. Getting students ‘onside’ is a the key to ensuring the success of tutoring. The strategies and exam techniques gained through tutoring are skills that will ensure success throughout their academic life.


The lessons are conducted in an environment that is warm, calm, energised and conducive to student learning. There are no distractions, and individualised attention ensures that the student remains engaged. The lessons are set in an informal room with a large white board. All learning materials are provided following each lesson.


Lynnette believes in open communication between the student’s parents and guardians and the tutor in order to monitor the student’s ability and progress. In order for the tutoring to be effective, parents and guardians need to ‘work’ alongside the tutor to support the student providing a conducive environment at home to do the homework.

Weekly feedback after each lesson and a more detailed one if required at regular intervals. During all discussions she will highlight any positive progress or ‘need to improve’ areas of the child’s learning. Feedback is vital for parents to understand how their child is doing either in class or their homework in order to achieve their full potential.


Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have showed Becky during the last year. Becky found her lessons with you incredibly rewarding and the sessions boosted her confidence tremendously. She started with little confidence and began to improve greatly in her school work. She achieved her potential and was able to get the results we had hoped for.

Kelly P, West Wimbledon

Not only did George enjoy the tutoring, he was able to tackle his homework using the same strategies and skills. We were offered two scholarships from independent schools and was also offered all the selective grammar schools that we applied for. Thank you very much.

Mr & Mrs Benson, Kingston upon Thames

I would highly recommend Mrs Dunster as a tutor. Maya really enjoyed her lessons and became motivated enough to study by herself. Maya got a lot out of the tuition and we are grateful for the care, attention and support we received from Mrs Dunster.

P. Jayaraman, Putney

Oscar had several tutors before Mrs Dunster. The difference in Oscar’s progress with Mrs Dunster was remarkable. Oscar responded so well to the lessons that he couldn’t wait to do his homework or attend the next lesson. He gained great confidence in his ability. We were actually advised by Oscar’s school that he might not be able to pass some of the schools we were thinking of sitting Oscar for. He attended an independent school. We were clearly disappointed to be told as such a late stage. Mrs Dunster had faith in Oscar’s abilities. Imagine our rapture when Oscar was accepted to 2 out of the 3 schools he sat the entrance exams for. Mrs Dunster was the first person Oscar wanted to tell the news when we received the letters of acceptance.

Mrs A. Matthews, Thames Ditton

Emma was tutored by Mrs Dunster from beginning of Year 5 and she joined a small group of girls. Emma really enjoyed the lessons and was always encouraged to do her homework independently. She looked forward every week to being with the other children in the group and gained so much from the lessons. Not only in new vocabulary but having a new found attitude towards work and achieving her goal. We had regular feedback from Mrs Dunster. Emma gained her first choice of a secondary school place from a top girls’ grammar school and also 2 scholarship offers from independent schools

Emma R, Wandsworth

My son was tutored by Lynnette and he enjoyed going to her lessons every week. He did moan about the homework to begin with. Eventually, the moaning stopped and was replaced by a strong motivation to achieve good results. James especially liked the company of the other boys that he met in the group and in fact one of them will be joining him in September to attend the Grammar School of our choice. James was also offered 2 scholarships to independent schools. In fact, after taking the entrance exams he said that he missed going to Lynnette’s lessons! We are grateful for the time and care Lynnette took in helping James achieve his potential and gaining entry to all the schools that he applied for. Thank you.

A Barnes, New Malden

I couldn’t imagine a better tutor than Mrs D to help me get my first choice of school at Tiffin Girls School. I know this is the best secondary school for me.
As a tutor she made my lessons exciting and I really looked forward to each and every one of them.
Mrs D wasn’t hesitant to congratulate me when I excelled, and when I needed to improve, she explained how to do so in an encouraging and helpful way.
I know that Mrs D was the reason I gained my place at Tiffin Girls School with a very high score. She is an amazing tutor because of her support, tips and complete kindness. Each week she set of well thought out homework sheets to challenge me, but not so much to make me feel stressed or worried. Of course, I had to plan my week accordingly to fit the homework in. My knowledge vastly improved within a few weeks of learning with her, and even more as the months went by.  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have got into this excellent grammar school if it wasn’t for Mrs D’s tutoring.
She was motivational, and helped me achieve my full potential.

My family and I are so grateful and I am over the moon!
Thank you.

L McConnell, Richmond

My son started tutoring 6 months ago with Mrs D. He was in Year 4 and was a reluctant reader before the tuition began. We couldn’t get him to sit down to write more than a sentence. It took him so long to come up with any ideas to write. When he did we couldn’t really decipher his handwriting. No capitals or punctuation. Joshua just received his end of Year 4 report and my wife and I could not believe the wonderful words written about his remarkable improvement in his work. Not only had they seen the advancement in his writing and reading but they had seen a changed attitude towards tackling his work. Joshua actually enjoyed the challenge of doing any of the work that he was set.

Joshua is now an avid reader and discusses all the stories that he reads with us, from Percy Jackson adventure stories to A Series of Unfortunate Events. He is now full of ideas when it comes to story writing.

His exact words the other day to us were: ‘Can mummy have another baby so that we can keep going to tutoring with Mrs D. ?’

Steven Avery, Thames Ditton