Our tuition is specifically aimed at students who intend to sit the 11+ entrance exams for State Grammar and Independent schools from London to Surrey Counties. Our students gain confidence in their school work and acquire a positive attitude towards homework and exams.

A number of students have also achieved great results passing well in their exams that they have sat. Some gaining amazing scholarship offers from Independent schools.


The 11 plus entry application process can vary between schools and from one area to another and can be quite daunting for parents who are new to the process. As we get to know your child, we can advise on suitable schools and guide you through the application procedure.

I have developed a course designed to familiarise children with the different questions types they can expect to see in the exam. With me your child will acquire the effective learning techniques, strategies for answering exam questions and home-study skills that are essential for exam success not only for 11 plus exams but for any other future academic exams.

Regular feedback is crucial throughout the process. It enables parents/guardians to take a realistic view of their child’s chances of success, and to plan your schooling options accordingly. I will be absolutely frank and discreet with parents/guardians at all times.


Surrey Grammar Schools:

Tiffin Boys School, Tiffin Girls School, Sutton Grammar Boys School, Wallington Boys’ School, Wallington Girls’ School, Wilson’s School, Nonsuch High Girls’, Wallington Girls school, Graveney School, and Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools.

Independent Day Schools:

Kingston Grammar, Hampton Boys’, St. Paul’s School, King’s College School, Reed’s School, St George’s School, Royal Grammar School, Reigate Grammar School, Westminster School, Halliford School, Harrow School, St. John’s Lady Eleanor Holles, Henrietta Barnett, Latymer Upper School, Godolphin and Latymer,

St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Wimbledon High, Putney High, Surbiton High, Notre Dame, Sir William Perkins, St. Catherine’s, City of London, Ibstock Place School, Emanuel School, Epsom College, Claremont Fan Court and all other schools in and around London and Surrey.


It is highly recommended that children and start tuition from Year 4 in order to ensure sufficient time to cover all the the techniques required for not only verbal and non-verbal reasoning but also to develop their vocabulary for writing and comprehension. Children also have to develop understanding of numeracy skills at this early stage. The competition is increasing each year and to begin sooner means that your child will have enough time to work on speed, accuracy and gain confidence in doing the papers.

If, however, you have left it later than this, do not panic, I give an initial one-to-one two hour assessment and see if your child is able to catch up and work at a good pace in order to achieve a similar standard to those who have started earlier. I will let you know if I will offer the student further tutoring and or will have the aptitude or potential to sit for selective entry school exams. Furthermore, I can offer advice on which school might suit your child if required.


  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • English Comprehension: Reading for “gist” and detail, understanding the question, answering the question correctly with enough detail. Reading ‘between the lines’.

  • English Essay: Neat and legible handwriting, grammar, punctuation, planning, creative writing, paragraphs, linking ideas, descriptive language, persuasive writing, develop a writing style and creating a setting/atmosphere.

  • Mathematics: Based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum, we stretch the children each week to understand the logic behind the questions. Practice with regular homework and test papers working to Level 6.

  • Interviews : Preparation for interviews for independent schools.

  • Other: Vocabulary building, spelling, punctuation and grammar, exam techniques.

  • Mock tests are given to assess each student’s progress, and regular homework is set and marked each week.