New Draft Admission Policies to Kingston School for 2015 entry

Tiffin Boys’School September 2015 entry

There are two main changes to the policy for entry to Year 7, Tiffin School in September 2015.

  1. The Published Admission Number (PAN) will change from 150 to 180, so there will be an extra . form of entry (there will be six forms in Year 7).
  2. Tiffin School propose to include a defined ‘Priority Area ‘ as part of the admission policy, so that those first offered a place at Tiffin School will come from those who live within 14Km of the School, measured as a straight line.

The entrance test are made up of a verbal reasoning test paper and a non-verbal reasoning test paper. Test date to be in : late October 2014.

Each paper consists of 80 questions and takes 50 minutes. The tests are prepared and the results standardised, exclusively for the Tiffin Schools, by GL Assessment.

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Tiffin Girls’School September 2015 entry

The School’s Planned Admission Number (PAN) into Year 7 for September 2015 is 150.

Stage 1 Test– late October 2014 : The Stage One Test will consist of a non-verbal reasoning paper and a verbal reasoning paper and both will be multiple-choice style tests.

Parents will be notified of the lowest mark to qualify for stage 2.

Stage 2 Test– late November/ early December 2014 : The Stage Two Test will consist of a written English comprehension and essay paper and a Mathematics paper. Parents will be notified of the lowest mark to qualify for stage 2.

The marks from the Stage One and Stage Two Tests combined and weighted as follows: 30% Stage One Test and 70% Stage Two test result, (‘the Combined Mark’).

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New Draft Admission Policies to Sutton Grammar Schools for 2015 entry

Boys’ Schools : Sutton Grammar School, Wallington Grammar School, Wilsons’ School and Greenshaw High School.

The two stage testing will remain the same for the four mentioned schools below.

The provisional dates are:

The first test – The Selective Eligibility Test (SET) will take place on Wednesday, 17th September 2014. Each of the participating schools will run as a test centre and candidates will be notified by email of the test centre. The results of the first test: 26th September 2014.

The Selective Eligibility Test (SET) consists of two multiple choice style papers: a Mathematics paper and an English paper. The test score will be applicable to any of the participating schools although each school may determine its own pass mark.

2nd stage test (English and Maths paper – written):

Sutton Grammar – Saturday 15th November 2014

Wallington Country Grammar – Saturday 11th October 2014 (results 23rd October) Wilsons’ School – TBC

Sutton Grammar School:

The School’s Planned Admission Number (PAN) into Year 7 for September 2015 is increasing from 120 – 135.

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Wallington Grammar School:

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Wilsons’ School

Awaiting information to be published.

Girls’ Schools

Nonsuch Grammar School

Nonsuch school are planning to increase their admissions number from 180 to 210 and also to join the two stage testing used by the four schools mentioned above.

The first stage will be the Selective Eligibility test used by the Sutton Grammar schools which consists of two multiple choice tests in Literacy and Numeracy.

The second stage will be the Nonsuch test which will be in Maths and English will be both written papers (not multiple choice). There will be no Verbal reasoning or Non-verbal reasoning.

There will be changes to the selection criteria also. See the link below.

The provisional date for the first test is Wednesday 17th September 2014. The date of the 2nd test has not yet been confirmed.

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increase the Published Admissions Number for Year 7 from 180 to 210


introduce a two stage entrance test. The Selective Eligibility Test, planned for September 2014 and sat at all of Sutton’s selective schools, will be used to determine whether candidates are eligible to sit the Nonsuch Second Stage Entrance Examination.


change the content of the tests. The Selective Eligibility Test will comprise two multiple choice tests, literacy and numeracy. The Second Stage Entrance Examination will comprise two tests (not multiple choice), in English and in Maths. None of the tests will include any elements of verbal or non-verbal reasoning.


change the selection criteria so that:·         Up to 10 places are available for children who live inside the catchment area and who have triggered the Pupil Premium in their current school in the last six years;·         The number of places available irrespective of address increases from 80 to 85;·         The number of places available inside the Nonsuch catchment area increases from 100 to 110;

·         15 places are ring-fenced to those who pay/would pay their Council tax to London Borough of Sutton.


hold the Waiting Lists for all Year Groups until the end of the summer term. At the start of the next academic year, parents/carers will be written to and asked if they wish their daughter to be added to the Open Waiting List for the relevant Year Group.


Wallington Girls’ Grammar School

1. The introduction of a first stage Selective Eligibility test for candidates, along with other schools in the London Borough of Sutton.

2. The introduction of a second stage Wallington High School for Girls test which  includes both a Mathematics and English paper.

3. The removal of the verbal reasoning test from both of the testing stages.

To be eligible for admission into Year 7, a student must first pass a joint Selective Eligibility Test  and then pass our own WHSG second stage Entrance Tests, achieving a score greater than or equal to the pass mark determined by the School.

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