Private tutoring in small groups

Effective private tutoring in small groups by experienced tutors located in New Malden, Surrey KT3 5DN.


  • 11 Plus grammar and entrance exams for independent schools
  • Building self-esteem and confidence in reasoning skills, English and Mathematics


  • Lessons by experienced, caring tutors (DBS checked)
  • Comfortable relaxed environment
  • Effective teaching and motivating students to learn
  • A focus on developing students’ natural ability and self confidence
  • Lessons tailored to suit each student’s needs and abilities
  • Regular feedback with parents
  • Interview preparation – mock interviews and tips
  • Homework materials provided weekly
  • Homework marked weekly with tutor
  • Provision of support to students and parents through the process
  • Regular assessments to monitor students’ progress
  • Instruction on applying good exam techniques, including how to work against time with great accuracy
  • Advice on application for the appropriate school for student


Read some of our success stories

Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have showed Becky during the last year. Becky found her lessons with you incredibly rewarding and the sessions boosted her confidence tremendously. She started with little confidence and began to improve greatly in her school work. She achieved her potential and was able to get the results we had hoped for.

Kelly P, West Wimbledon

Not only did George enjoy the tutoring, he was able to tackle his homework using the same strategies and skills. We were offered two scholarships from independent schools and was also offered all the selective grammar schools that we applied for. Thank you very much.

Mr and Mrs Benson, Kingston-Upon-Thames

I would highly recommend Mrs Dunster as a tutor. Maya really enjoyed her lessons and became motivated enough to study by herself. Maya got a lot out of the tuition and we are grateful for the care, attention and support we received from Mrs Dunster.

P. Jayaraman, Putney

Oscar had several tutors before Mrs Dunster. The difference in Oscar’s progress with Mrs Dunster was remarkable. Oscar responded so well to the lessons that he couldn’t wait to do his homework or attend the next lesson. He gained great confidence in his ability. We were actually advised by Oscar’s school that he might not be able to pass some of the schools we were thinking of sitting Oscar for. He attended an independent school. We were clearly disappointed to be told as such a late stage. Mrs Dunster had faith in Oscar’s abilities. Imagine our rapture when Oscar was accepted to 2 out of the 3 schools he sat the entrance exams for. Mrs Dunster was the first person Oscar wanted to tell the news when we received the letters of acceptance.

Mrs A. Matthews, Thames Ditton

Emma was tutored by Mrs Dunster from beginning of Year 5 and she joined a small group of girls. Emma really enjoyed the lessons and was always encouraged to do her homework independently. She looked forward every week to being with the other children in the group and gained so much from the lessons. Not only in new vocabulary but having a new found attitude towards work and achieving her goal. We had regular feedback from Mrs Dunster. Emma gained her first choice of a secondary school place from a top girls’ grammar school and also 2 scholarship offers from independent schools.

Emma R, Wandsworth

Tailored Tuition

Every student is different. Shine Tutors will tailor each lesson to suit their strength and weaknesses. Students are taught new material and are then tested to explore and reinforce their understanding of new topics.


In order for each lesson to be effective, the material has to engage the students and motivate them to learn. Lessons are held in a calm and comfortable setting, and structured to stimulate and maintain the students interest.


Tutoring can improve a student’s confidence through developing strategies in dealing with their work. As students progress through tutoring they are empowered to gain confidence in their own ability.

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