Tips for Parents


Eleven Plus TipsChildren are under enormous pressure to pass 11 plus to gain selective school entry. The number of applicants is increasing from year to year. Many pupils need the additional help of private tutoring in partnership with parental support to help them achieve exam success.


  • Ensure that students have a quiet place to work without any distraction. Turn off any TV or radio.
  • Work at a table or desk, not their lap.
  • Make sure the study area is well-lit so that materials can be read easily.
  • Make sure everything is ready and to hand – books, worksheet, pencil sharpener, eraser.
  • Do not do work when student is tired or hungry.
  • Make sure all homework is completed before each lesson ready for marking at the next lesson.
  • Be on time for your lesson and at pick up time.
  • Make sure student has a good night’s sleep.
  • Do not have a television in the children’s bedroom. This might encourage students to read before bedtime.
  • Make sure your child has a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, AND drink adequate fluids to maintain normal levels of hydration.
  • Try to keep computer games time to a minimum.
  • Encourage your child and support them during this period of time so that they can be as receptive as possible during each lesson.
  • Interesting article on Motivation being the key to higher scores for IQ tests.

Homework will be provided on a weekly basis and then more frequent tests format style homework, as the 11 plus exams approach. Parents/ Guardians have to make sure they understand how much commitment is expected of the student throughout the process. Parents will need to work alongside the tutor and make sure the homework set by the tutor is completed ready to be corrected at the next lesson. Some homework will sometimes require a timer to be used. Please bring all exercise books for every lesson.

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